Create For Curiosity

Create For Curiosity

I still working on the website, be indulgent! Some traductions need to be set.

Welcome !

Welcome on the community website Create for Curiosity !

Here you will find videos and articles about the 3D Printing, 3D Design, CNC DIY and general DIY.

You will find a forum which allow you to share, ask questions and help each other between passionnate.

A "Designs" section will allow you to freely download and without restriction 3D files of my differents machines. When it's free, it's not expensive ! I continue to work on this section to allow you all to post your design.

La section "News" me pemettra d'échanger avec vous toutes les annonces / bon plans / remerciement / ou simple blague que j'ai a vous faire, n'hésite pas a regarder de temps en temps !

Thats all what I have to say, if you read until here, thanks for your attention and see you soon on the forum !


Recents Articles

Here is an overview of the latest articles!

This article is the presentation page of the TopsCNC HEAVY version

How to make electronics of a homemade CNC

In this article I explain the basics to create a simple CNC electronics based on an Arduino and a CNC Shield

Last video

NEMA23 on 3D Printed CNC - TopsCNC NEMA23 Upgrade

In this video I show you the changes made to mount NEMA23 motors on the TopsCNC Heavy.

I want to thank StepperOnline who helped me and allowed me to make this Nema23 version.