Thanks a lot !

Thanks a lot !

Support Me

How to support me ?

Maintaining a youtube channel takes time, space and equipment.

I invest a maximum of time (and a lot of money too) in the content and projects (sometimes expensive) that I offer. 

I do this out of passion and with pleasure but if you still want to support me, here are some possibilities 

My videos and content are free.

Taking the time to watch / read my content and say what you think about it in comments or via a little "Like" is a good way to support me.

In addition to helping me with referencing, you also help me stay motivated to produce content. It shows me that what I am doing is useful for someone.

If my content helped you or you just liked it, you can help me too by sharing it to a person / group of people who might also find it useful / interesting.

Although I am not a big donation fan, if you still want, you can make a direct donation on Paypal.Me or support me by watching a little ad on Utip, your money stays warm in your pocket and you still helping me maintain the site and the youtube channel!

Thank you for taking the time to read me and see you soon!